A downloadable TTOD2 for Windows and Linux

This game was made in 2017 by me and my friends dukedrake25 and lyndwyn for learning purposes. This is not a high quality realease, nor is it a new project. I uploaded this project here for legacy purposes and nothing more. This is supposed to document how we startet development for the first time.
There are bugs and balancing issues in this game.

About the game: 
10 years after the events of The Tower of Doom Goran the Lich returned. He built 12 new evil towers and needs to be stopped by you, the chosen hero.

The Tower of Doom 2 expands on The Tower of Doom on every level.
Here are the new features:

  • There are way more enemys and a lot more bosses. 
  • There are now 12 Towers instead of 1. 
  • You can go to different towns, shops and inns. 
  • You can talk to people.
  • The player can have one of 4 different classes.
  • Different spells and mana were added.

Install instructions

Download the zip.
Extract it.
Execute the .bat file.

This game will only work if Java is istalled.
You can download Java here: https://www.java.com/en/download/

On linux execute the .jar file over the terminal by using "java -jar TTOD2D.jar"


The Tower of Doom 2 66 kB