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In Space Toast - Battle for Earth you take on the role of... well... Space Toast!
Defend earth in this epic battle against the dairy products from outer space!


  • A bullet hell shooter inspired by games like Galaxia and Undertale
  • 5 different boss battles against all kinds of dairy products
  • Endless mode
  • Additional challenges and 100% completion bonus
  • More than 1 hour of gameplay!
  • GameBoy Graphics and Soundtrack
  • Different Soundtrack for every fight
  • An in game shop where you pay with the amount of times you died to help inexperienced players
  • Dialogue driven cutscenes
  • Controller Support!
  • And saving the game of course...


Play with your controller or in one of many keyboard layouts of which you can choose.


This game and all assets were created in less than one month for Toast's Studios Space Jam.

Install instructions

Download the game. Unzipp it and execute the Space Toast.exe file.

To all linux users:
The game runs faster than it should in some Windows emulators. When playing it on a Windows emulator compare the game speed with the GIFs on this page.


Space Toast.zip 87 MB


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