A downloadable game for Windows


Santas Bowling Alley.exe is a very small "beginner horror" experience.
You are an elf trapped inside Santas Bowling Alley and are forced to bowl.
Try not to kill any of your fellow elves in the process.


Choose were to shoot and confirm. There is a reset button if you want to reset your current shot.
You can find the controls in the READ ME.txt file.
This game is best experienced in fullscreen mode.


  • 9 different bowling challenges
  • Controller support
  • Fullscreen support
  • 3 different songs and multiple soundeffects

Development info:
This game was developed in 2 days as a last minute submission to Scream Season - 2018 and was very rushed. I tried to get something playable done in a very short time, so don't expect much :)
Everything outside of 2 textures (Secret skeleton and floor) was made from scratch.

I hope you guys will find some kind of enjoyment with this game!

Release date Dec 15, 2018
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsbowling, Christmas, Horror, santa
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)

Install instructions

Download the game. Unzipp it and execute the Santas Bowling Alley.exe file.

To all linux users: Some Windows emulators have speed problems running GameMaker games. When playing it on a Windows emulator compare the game speed with the GIFs on this page.


Santas Bowling Alley.exe - Windows 13 MB


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For a two-day submission this is good fun. The idea to play as an elf who reluctantly is forced to bowl using the bodies of his elf friends as pins is a devilishly evil one! I guess Christmas isn't gonna be so merry after all...

Given the context the game was made in, constructive criticism seems a bit unnecessary, but the bowling would have been a little more interesting and uncertain with some basic physics/spin or a quicker bowling speed. Also, I did find the secret skeleton in the bottom left of the alley!